Fun with food!

Bollywood and it’s love for food!

Food is love. And in a country like India that revels in it’s hospitality culture, food has a god-level status. we take special pleasure in feeding ourselves and everyone who visits us. Nobody who comes to our homes leaves with an empty stomach. And for a country equally obsessed with it’s movies, Bollywood has a soft corner for food in its songs too.

Get ready to shuffle that playlist with these songs:

Ande ka funda

As iconic as the Eiffel Tower, every 90’s child of India knows the kind of ear worm this song is. While it sets the tone for an edgy party, the song actually extols the virtues of eating eggs and how varieties of egg-based preparations transcend boundaries of color, age, sex or religion. Quite a riot, we assure you!


Jab tak rahega samose me aalu

Story of a man in love with a woman and potatoes, this song is a laugh riot both in lyrics and visuals. Imagine trying to make love to a man who compares his eternal love for a woman with mind blowing samosas. Not palatable to everyone except hard core samosa fans but hey, samosa is bae.


Main toh raste se jaa raha tha

Classic Govinda and Karisma Kapoor (bow down, muggles) manages to court each other while enjoying Mumbai’s street food and managing a couple of groovy steps on the side! Now that is some serious multi tasking. Check out the amazing dabbawalas in action too!


Hum bhi agar bacche hote

Albeit an old Hindi birthday song, this one describes the joy of eating ladoos on your special day. Ladoos are essentially ball shaped sweets made of flour, milk and sugar. Different varieties of ladoos are staples in every Indian household. Apart from the lovely ode to sweets, the song is also a lovely peek into 60’s fashion!


Aaj unse milna hai hame

An ode to first meeting between prospective life partners, this song talks about the guy’s dilemma about what he could get to eat for his princess to impress her. Not the best thing to carry for a first meeting but this song sure gives a sneak peek into the nations best snacks and sweets! That’s quite a lot of variety, to be honest.


Garam chai ki pyali ho

Once again, Salman makes sure he sings about the kind of girl he wants to make his life partner, the basic requirement being her ability to make him tea everyday. A soothing cup of tea shared every evening over conversation is seen by many as a sign of a happy relationship in India.


Who is grooving to this foodie jam with us?!


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