Rreloaded Bar and Kitchen, Chembur

This week, we were welcomed into the cool ambiance of Rreloaded Bar and Kitchen at Chembur. It is a stones throw away from the Eastern Express Freeway as well as accessible from the Chembur – Vashi Road as well. The entrance is very unassuming and to the point. We were very intrigued as to what we may find behind those wood paneled doors. The anxiety was however short lived – it is a beautiful and welcoming place. The decor is mostly contemporary as well as functional, making the decor sparse yet effective. There aren’t too many frills which we love since the cost of maintaining the frills is definitely not being passed down to the customers.

The staff is friendly and try their best to accommodate your needs. This restaurant serves North Indian, Continental, Italian and Chinese food. Their menu is limited but every dish is curated well to suit your needs. Their menu literally screams comfort food. The portions are really well planned, you are definitely not leaving this place hungry.

For starters, we ordered their Hara Bhara Kebabs, Paneer Hilltop Tikka, Cheese Chilly Garlic Grill and Thread Paneer. Every starter is cooked to perfection and served with generous servings of salad on the side. the Hara Bhara Kebabs were mild, the Paneer Hilltop Tikka cooked to perfection and the Thread Paneer was crispy. While we loved these dishes, the Paneer Hilltop Tikka is our favorite.

For main course, we had the Shanghai Noodles. The serving is humongous and it sticks near to the original taste of noodles outside of India. The result is a well balanced noodle dish that is not too spicy or greasy and packs just enough veggies to enjoy them without any side accompaniments. We washed it down with cold drinks.

While they are liquor permit pending yet, which should be cleared soon, the sheesha is great. It features as one of their specialties and is definitely something you must visit them at least once for. We ordered the Kiwi Pan Salsa flavor which turns out to be a house favorite. Their sheesha service is quick, the flavor holds out for a long time and the hygiene is maintained to quite a standard.


The best part is that this place is open until quite late in the night, so you can always visit in case you have late night hunger or sheesha pangs. They are now starting to feature small scale live events so if you are looking for a good night out locally, this is definitely the place to be!


WOFS Ratings:

Ambiance – 3.5/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 5/5

Insta-worthiness – 3/5

What to order – Shanghai Noodles and Paneer Hilltop Tikka, most definitely.

Let us know how your experience at Rreloaded Bar and Kitchen, Chembur was in the comments!


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