Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the non fat and the live it up people, we had the privilege of an exclusive preview of this new dessert place at the iconic Carter Road, Bandra! It’s called Oh-So-Stoned which is a Hyderabad based chain and this is their first store in Mumbai which goes live today.
The name itself warrants a trip to this place for a shakedown from the traditional dessert routes. Their interiors are quite cute, vibrant & young and it can easily accommodate a large group. Don’t you dare eat that ice cream alone! they make their ice cream from scratch right when you order it, so it is as fresh as it gets. Their ice cream making techniques can give Willy Wonka a run for his money, the drama involved is totally worth the time and money! The staff is courteous and friendly. The pricing is competitive for the portion size they are serving.
We tried their signature ice cream – Rum Baba, which had coffee ice cream, rum chocolate and rum sauce. A burst of creamy flavors, this one is decadent. The cooked rum sauce may have bid adieu to the spirit but it definitely gives you the sugar high that a good dessert should give.
The red velvet ice creams have a mix of red velvet cake in it which will make a home in your heart instantly.
 The classic brownie with vanilla ice cream is a regular favorite and it is definitely going to keep you company on a bad day. First 100 customers get a free brownie!
Oh So Stoned have a variety of thick shakes, but the one we set our hearts on was their Frutilicious thick shake – it comes with fruit and cream, say bye-bye to your guilt over cheating on your diet plans.
Nutella Fingers come with a butter biscuit, dark chocolate ice cream with Nutella and whipped cream – definitely a better version of eclair.
They are also the only dessert joint in the city that has a separate kids menu with different ┬ávariety of sprinklers and portions that suit a child’s need better. We tried their choice pop – which was chocolate ice cream with gems, jelly beans and marshmallows and it was a wonderful trip down memory lane.
Who is joining us for some late night awesomeness?

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