Foodgasm, Bandra

Mumbai’s food scene has something to offer all kinds of eaters. The everything eaters, the fussy, the fitness oriented, the lazy and the snob: there is a whole bunch of palates available for immediately devouring till the last crumb on the plate. Foodgasm at Bandra is one of those places which are all food and a lot of heart on every plate. The menu is extensively researched to make sure that every bite is both healthy and yummy. They specialize in making low calorie/ high nutrition food and making it taste like a dream in every bite! They have recently started a tiffin service called One Up that serves you with three meals in a box that makes up food to be consumed for about half the day. It includes a soup, smoothie, wrap/ sandwich and a main course. They deliver across Bandra, Khar, BKC and Mahim.

Their ambiance is very earthy, the portions are filling and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The decor feels like one of the old world cafes.


We began with their Coolant With A Kick (water based mixture of kokum and chia seeds with their signature spices blend), the Sea Breeze (Coconut Water, Lime juice and Mint), the Avocado Lassi (totally one of it’s kind) and the fruity mojito (strawberry-watermelon mojito). All of their drinks are reminiscent of warmer days and better times and immediately transport you to another time!

We began with the Hara Pyaaz Soup (creamed spring onion topped with tofu and chives). It is a delicious soup that is totally natural and the portion size will leave you filled and content for the rest of the evening. We moved onto the appetizers after that. Apne Khet Se is a delicious platter of everything tandoor (totally worth it on a rainy evening) and the Pesto-fied Cottage Cheese Whole Wheat Wrap. Can you imagine the level of finger-licking for these? Oh yeah, just as you thought. They are cooked in very less oil and have the same kind of zing that will make you fall in love with this dish over and over! we also tried their signature Twisted Paani Puri which is a healthier take on Mumbai’s favorite chaat. They serve it with a chickpeas, quinoa and chana dal filling with Kala Khatta/ Pomegranate Paani. It is a refreshing twist, although be warned if you are a chaat purist. It may not be able to convert you, but its not something that you need to dread.

For the main course, we had the Quinoa Biryani and the Black Rice Pilaf. Be prepared to be awed, ladies and gentlemen: healthy food has seldom looked and tasted this good! The food is light but keeps you very filled. Fresh vegetables and subtle spices make these dishes an affair to be remembered. They are also low on oil and calories, making them your immediate go-to if you are looking to eating out but want to avoid the usual grind.

For dessert, we had the Ultimate Dub-Smash (Crumbled Dark Chocolate and Whole Wheat Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and Berries compote). It is a truly decadent experience. Subtle tones of vanilla pair historically well with rich tones of dark chocolate. The berry compote adds another dimension to this lovely dessert that is simply too irresistible to put down once you begin. We also had this dessert called Dimaag Ki Dahi which is baked yogurt with seasonal berry compote. SUCH WOW, MUCH YUM!

Who wants to join in for some healthy indulgence?


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