Ph se Food, Mulund

If you are like us, stuck with making a decision about where to take your family for dinner, we understand the despair. With a steady rise in cafes, lounges and pubs, the traditional family restaurants have definitely taken a back seat. Our childhood saw us spoilt rotten with choices for where we could go our for a quiet and warm meal with the family. Sadly, the genre itself seems to have quietened down.

Not for the owners of Ph se Food, though. This is their first outing into the restaurant business, but they are already pretty quick on the uptake. PH Se food can definitely be your new go-to place for some down time or celebration with family. The interiors are clean, the design is terrific and the whole place just exudes a homely feel. It’s a perfect setting with very little mishmash of external clutter.

And, the food. Oh my. We could keep on singing praises and still not end. There is almost nothing that they have done wrong. The menu has a little bit of everything: Street food, Mexican, Chinese, Gujarati, North Indian, Fusion. A special feature of this place is, even if they don’t have it on the menu, if you want it, they are going to make it for you. No questions asked. We are sure you are going to be floored with the menu, though.

We began with their Burmese Khowsuey and Watermelon and Feta Cheese salad. The Khowsuey was crisp with basic ingredients right in place. In terms of both presentation and quantity, the Khowsuey is deeply satisfying. The Watermelon and Feta Cheese salad is a work of art. they serve it with a side of arugula leaves, more feta cheese and candied pecans. Totally worth the buck.

We moved on to Paneer Malaysian Tikki, which is paneer stuffed with onions and coriander, served with a side of mint chutney. The paneer is grilled with a lot of love and it translates very nicely into the dish. Crisp paneer that melts into your mouth is so soul-fulfilling! It also speaks volumes about people who know how to make the basics right; you never go hungry with them around.


We then moved on to the Chole Bhature Bomb which was a deep fried roll stuff with chole. If you are a fusion food lover with no qualms about calories, you are going to enjoy this!


Next up was the Pav Bhaji platter, which is also a house favorite. They have an astounding variations of the humble Mumbai Pav Bhaji and it’s definitely seen to be believed. Our platter had Italian Pav Bhaji, Chinese Pav Bhaji and Manchurian Pav Bhaji, which are weird combinations within itself, but work brilliantly well. This is a dish that is not to be missed.


Next was the Veg Cannelloni, decently sized and very nice. The dish was packed with veggies and cheese, making it a perfect single-dish meal. We totally loved it! The ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, lending an authentic flavor to this bomb of a dish.


We moved on to their Orange Mexican Burrito, which is a revelation. We literally had never imagined rice and orange could be fused together with more paneer to create something that is both sublime and flavorsome at the same time. Kudos to team Ph Se Food for developing a dish that has it’s heart in the right place. The flavoring is consistent and the dish is served with a side of salad and fries. We washed it down with some Kokum Soda, which is a traditional Maharashtrian welcome drink repackaged and reformatted.

A good meal is made great with amazing desserts. A key factor in Ph Se’s food is their ability to stick to their roots and create something out of it that is very global ┬áin its appeal. For desserts, we had Litchi Doodhgulla (Litchi rasgullas), Lemongrass Pot (Lemongrass flavored rasgullas), Orange in Orange (Orange flavored rasgullas) and a chocolate fudge pot, complete with a Malaai Paan (Rabdi stuffed paan) on the side. All of their rasgullas are served in mud kulhads and are limited sized portions to indulge your sweet tooth but not completely give in.


They also have a wide range of unthinkable ice cream flavors designed to take your heart away. The flavors are Boondi Laddoo, Guava, Dark Chocolate Cookie, Rose and Popcorn Caramel. Trust us, gourmet ice cream is here, and it is available in Mulund. The Popcorn Caramel and Boondi laddoo ice cream have little pieces of the said flavor and we literally had to drag ourselves out of the food coma it was inducing. The ice creams are also available to order at your home if you live in Mulund or nearby areas. Please confirm with the restaurant for prices and minimum order size.

Overall, we are definitely taking our family to celebrate the next birthday/ anniversary here. Are you?



One thought on “Ph se Food, Mulund

  1. Fa se food is a mind blowing experience of mine jabardat taste mind blowing ambiences and excellent service my experience in fa se food was excellent.


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