Rike – Terrace Bar & Grill

Of the many places that open shop in Mumbai every week, most of them are lounges and if luck favors them, rooftop bars. Competing in this scene is not only challenging but very costly too. Among the new entrants this year, Rike – Terrace Bar & Grill is one that will contend for a cozy space in the ranks for quite sometime.

Situated in the famous Veera Desai Road area, Andheri, Rike is nestled on a rooftop in an area that was the erstwhile Zulu Terrace and has some of the most consistent players of the food industry serving nearby. At the first glance, it is a very clean, polished area with warm lighting and wooden interiors, giving the place a very earthy feel. As the trend continues, you will also see a bit of bare walls here.

Rike makes for a very marshmallow-in-warm-cup-of-chocolate ambiance post 4 PM now since there is a nip in the air and it’s generally cool towards the evening. The dedication to detail is evident in the way their bar is designed and the ease of moving in this space without once bumping into anyone, which is a real problem in a lot of restaurants once they get packed. The lights are placed strategically to avoid being in your camera screen and the staff is attentive to your needs.

Rike – Terrace and Bar Grill is currently offering a specially curated menu for Christmas between December 20-26 which is as good as it gets! They have a wide menu for non-vegetarian eaters but dishes are customizable for the vegetarian ones, or they might just rustle up something for you based on your need. We tried some dishes from their regular menu and some from the Christmas menu and boy, were we surprised!

IMG_20171221_175339 (1)

We began the evening with some really good lounge music and Veggie Tacos. While we aren’t huge fans of red kidney beans, the tacos has us really surprised. It was a wonderland of sauteed vegetables like carrots, red onions, zucchini, bell peppers added with beans and garnished with cilantro. If you are going alone, this dish is a meal. The tacos feel light to eat because, NO CHEESE. Just a little sour cream. And, the salsa sauce is to die for!


We moved on next to Cheese Jalapeno Poppers. While this dish has been cooked to perfection by many chefs in the city, it always remains a favorite kind of party starter. They serve it will chilli mayonnaise, although we enjoyed them much more with the aforementioned salsa sauce. It is deep fried, so calorie watchers can take notes.


What’s a good meal without a great drink? Specially from the Christmas menu, we went for the Rose Sangria (Rose wine, Vodka, Mix Fruit, Cherry) and the Christmas Martini (Gin, Vodka, Cranberry Syrup.) If you don’t have a sweet tooth, please don’t try these and stick to the tried and tested ones, Rike -Terrace and Grill has an extensive bar menu.

For the main course, we tried the Cottage Cheese Sliders which were cottage cheese patties and guacamole on a bed of lettuce. These just melt in your mouth! The cottage cheese is fresh, the guacamole on point and the general dish is very light in taste and extremely filling too. They come with a side of fresh fries.



Next, Christmas special Fettuccine! Lovers of everything Christmas-sy, this dish comes with a side of crisp bread and leaves you with a merry spirit!

We finished this amazing meal with a beautiful portion of chocolate mousse with a scoop of ice cream designed to make you finish the whole thing without feeling guilty of breaking your year-end diet to fit into that LBD.


They also serve sheesha’s at affordable prices with a wide variety of flavors for the discerning ones. They are properly flavored and survive for hours!


Overall, we were quite pleased. It is definitely a place we would hang out at with a group. The more, the merrier!


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